Standing-seam steel roofs are economical and attractive. The seam accentuates the definition of architectural lines.

Metal roofs are durable, offering a high strength-to-weight ratio. They don't lose their impact-resistance with age. They are almost maintenance-free; no cleaning or pressure washing is needed.

Metal roofs are safe in storms. The fully interlocking panels of a standing seam roof can pass the Dade County, FL test, withstanding winds over 110 miles per hour. Metal roofs are also fire retardant; not only is the roof itself inflammable, it helps prevent fire-blown embers from igniting other parts of the structure.

Metal roofs are energy efficient; the metal reflects the heat and blocks heat transfer. Homeowners have reported a savings of up to 20% in their energy bills. They have other environmental benefits as well - because they are lightweight enough to be installed over existing roofs, excessive landfill disposal can be avoided.

The initial cost of metal roof installation may be higher than many other roofing materials, but the savings in energy, maintenance and protection will more than return the investment.


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