We are certified installers of ELAMINATOR, a system developed by Owens-Corning, the world's leading manufacturer of fiberglass insulation.

The ELAMINATOR Insulation System can save you money. It features:

  • Safety: The ELAMINATOR system includes a patented perimeter guard rail, a 14' guardrail at ridge or eave of the building, and a rear 6' extension that defines a guarded work zone for roofing. By reducing worksite injuries, overhead costs are also reduced.
  • Productivity: With the ELAMINATOR system, insulation can be installed on days where windy conditions would normally prevent roof sheeting. The system is fast and efficient, so building occupancy can occcur sooner.
  • Performance: ELAMINATOR has superior thermal performance compared to conventional insulation systems, creating energy savings. The first layer is placed between the purlins, so the insulation is not compressed. A second layer adds additional insulation over the purlins.
  • Appearance: The ELAMINATOR provides a system with facing seams lapped over the purlins where they are not exposed. Other systems involve overlapping sheets of insulation, creating unsightly bulges that are often visible on the interior of the building.


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