Roof and Wall Cladding

An excellent exterior finish for pre-engineered, agri-buildings and components.

A 30% siliconized polyester, Spectralite 2000 minimizes chalking and fading by resisting the detrimental effects of the sun' UV rays, rain, humidity and weathering.



Platinum Series Architectural Roof

When the highest available performance against chalking and fading is required, specify Spectralite 3000. Spectralite 3000 is a full strength 70% Kynar 500 or Hylar 500 based coating.

Spectralite 3000 is unsurpassed in its resistance to the damaging UV rays of the sun. That means the Spectralite 3000 paint system offers a long life with good looks regardless of your project location.

In addition to UV resistance, Spectralite 3000 offers ease of clean-up and the ability to fight off dirt accumulation due to its molecular similarity to Teflon.


An economy class of coatings, Spectralite 1000, is also available. It offers good color retention, exterior durability, abrasion resistance and resistance to the sun, rain and elements.

*Colors represented here may be inaccurate due to varying monitor settings. Final color selection can be made from sample chips.


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