Component Parts

We handle all kinds of metal component parts. Let us do your installation, or buy components from us.

Overhead Doors
These sectional doors come in 2' increments and are available with or without openers.
Liner Panels
Excellent for finishing off the inside of your building, they are available in 26 & 29 gauge steel for both walls and roof.
Sliding Doors
They are available in both single and double slide versions, in widths ranging from 10' to 30' wide.
Hangar Doors
We will supply stack, bi-fold, or sliding doors to accommodate your airplane's dimensions.
Eave Canopies
These roof overhangs run the length of the building on the side walls. Configurations can be from a 1 to 8 foot overhang with or without soffit.
Roof Extensions - Provide additional roof coverage for area at the gable endwalls. The extension is available up to an 8 feet with or without soffit.
Skylights & Wall Lights
These translucent panels provide inexpensive lighting through the roof and the walls. Optional insulated skylights are also available.
Sliding Glass Windows
These windows are self-framing and flashing. We offer them with single or double pane in a wide variety of sizes. Optional Thermal glass is available as well.
Commercial Glass Frames
These frames are available in any size to fit your building plans.
Door Canopies -
These low profile canopies are available for both 3070 and 6070 walk doors. Available colors include White and Burnished Slate.
Roof Curbs
When something has to go through the roof, do it right with one of our roof curbs.
Circular Vents
The most economical way to vent your building; complete with operator.
Ridge Vents
Available in 10' sections, to really pull the air through your building, with or without operators.
We use only "UL" rated insulation of the highest "R" value, available with vinyl or reinforced backings.
Walk Doors
They are pre-finished commercial bronze, with solid core insulation and complete hardware package. Optional hardware includes door closers, panic hardware, and mortice lock.
Half Glass Walk Doors
Our standard walk door with framing for a glass window. They come complete with tempered safety glass. The glass can be factory installed as an additional option.
They can be fixed or operable, and they allow you to put fresh air into your building.
Framed Openings
They may be used for all types and sizes of commercial entry ways, including garaged overhead doors or storefront glass.


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